Why You May Be Sabotaging Yourself From Finding Your True Path In Life


When we talk about right directions, the biggest issue that people have is not being able to make a decision on what direction they think they should take for fear of making the wrong choice. When we are fearful of making a mistake, then it’s got to be the “right” direction.

I want everyone to write down these words: “What is it?”

Everyone wants to know, “What’s the right thing for me?”

That’s a bad question. Why? Because it puts way too much pressure on you.

I don’t blame you for being afraid to make that kind of choice, because what if it’s the wrong one? It’s like a forever question: what if you get stuck with that choice forever?

Go back to that question “What is it? ” and cross out the word “it.” I want you to replace that with the word “next.”

What is next? What’s the next thing you want to try or do?

What just happened is you gave yourself some breathing room. You let yourself off the hook. You took the massive stress out of the question.

What is next could be a day, a month, a year, three years, or whatever.

You’re not necessarily going to find the perfect direction, but as I say in my Life Directions course “The idea is to try on different coats”.

We have this imagination that says, “Here’s what my perfect dream life looks and feels like. If I was just a writer, and I wrote books all day long, or if I was on stage teaching all day long, I would be a happy camper.”

And here’s where we get stuck. We have this image of the perfect situation for us. We’re not in that perfect situation, and we’re not living that perfect lifestyle or direction, but we say, “This will be it.”

Here’s what happens: You do “it,” and pretty soon you’re saying, “This isn’t it. There’s something missing. What is it? Do I need to make a revision to where I’m at now or do I need to change to something completely new? I’m so disappointed that this wasn’t it. I still don’t feel great.”

Now we’ve got a big problem, don’t we?

If your issue is career, then I would ask, “What is next?” In other words, what would you love to try, especially if you weren’t afraid of the money thing?

Whatever the answer to that is, you may think, “I don’t know if I can make a lot of money at that.”


If you help people in a way that they need or want to be helped, and it’s in the area that you love to help people in, you’re going to love what you do, and you’re going to make a lot of money, assuming you learn the business elements.


You need to have a little bit of skill, but the most important thing is: are you helping people? Are you really helping them solve their problem?

Also, do you love helping people in that area? Is that something that sings to you? We all love to help, but we all love to help in certain ways more than others.

This is for those people who are having challenges with choosing their direction:

  1. A lot of this is about fear. Instead of putting pressure on yourself to choose “correctly,” choose what’s exciting for you to imagine how you would help a lot of people in a way that’s fun for you, and that you’re good at.
  2. Get a private coach. Let them help you for at least a few months. Whatever your goal, it’s much harder to accomplish without someone who can mentor you through that process. Learning the skills from someone with proven experience makes a huge difference.

The problem with most people is that they are so busy being fearful of choosing the wrong thing that they lose focus on what’s exciting for them to pursue versus what’s correct.

What’s a path that sounds awesome for you to pursue? Do you believe you’d never make the kind of money you’d like to make pursuing that path? Is that absolutely true?

If so, is there another way you can stay in the field you want but apply your skills and talents in a different way?

Bouncing ideas within the community could be a valuable way to help brainstorm the path that’s true for you.

Leave your feedback in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!