What stands in the way of your success?

The RAS basically acts as the gatekeeper between the subconscious mind and the conscious mind to only let through the information that’s of relevance or interest to you.

Aside from the more basic functions described above, scientists have uncovered a very intricate relationship between the RAS and goal or success achievement. The RAS’s role in achieving goals becomes more fascinating when we consider the fact that we can deliberately rewire it by manipulating the messages your conscious mind generates. In order to understand this analogy better, it is beneficial to think of the RAS as a gate between the conscious and the unconscious mind. The thoughts that cross from the conscious to the unconscious mind form the basis of our beliefs system. The reticular system cannot differentiate between imagined reality and solid reality. It believes whatever messages are sent to it. If you believe you can achieve a certain goal and are passionate towards it, chances are that you are going to achieve it. This is the fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction.


A key element that determines goals achievement is our ability to stay focused on those goals. Our arousal system, an important factor in our commitment towards our goals is a largely subconscious mechanism. This system is meant to help our bodies preserve energy; we only get aroused and expend energy when we have concrete reason to do so. The rest of the time, our bodies are hardwired to use minimal effort and that is why it is usually hard to stay focused on all but the absolutely important tasks. From the earlier analogy, let us imagine that the person walking to the office is a new employee of company X. They have a dream to rise to senior management within five years. If the person is doubtful of their ability to reach that dream, they are unlikely to do so because the brain does not commit resources towards a goal that is unattainable. In this case, the person’s beliefs system gets in their way of achieving their goal. If on the other hand they are convinced of their suitability for the role, their RAS will be committed towards identifying people, resources or opportunities that could be helpful in their workplace advancement.