Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Leads and Sales in 2018

In an ideal world, marketing would feed sales an endless stream of quality leads to keep our pipelines teeming with opportunities just waiting to be capitalized upon. Of course, in reality, this is not the case. We all recognize that in every industry and every company, there are invariably peaks and valleys in the landscape of lead generation. If we are completely reliant on marketing to provide them, those valleys can leave us high and dry.
The best way to overcome these inevitable lulls is to take matters into our own hands. Today’s most effective salespeople are mastering the art of self-sufficient lead generation, employing a proactive approach to ensure they are never left in the lurch.

  • Over 5 million decision makers in South Africa alone
  • A platform where you can influence, advise, build credibility and engage new clients
  • The ability to search for businesses or individuals in you specific target audience
  • Find and connect with people, using Job Title, Location, Industry or Company
  • A chance to showcase your experience, qualifications, accomplishments and testimonials



  1. Create or refine your own profile so targeted clients want to connect with you
  2. Invite three hundred new potential clients per month to connect with you
  3. Provide and post two articles on your profile so potential clients get to know your value to their business and build your credibility
  4. Send you a monthly list of all your connection with contact information
  5. Guide you with the setup of a monthly newsletter which you send to all your LinkedIn connections
  6. Send you our guide on how to become a "Though Leader" on LinkedIn
  7. Send you our guide on determining your "Target Audience"
  8. Send you our guide on how to prepare you own "Value Proposition" so clients understand your specific value to the market place.
  9. Advise you on effective engagement strategies with your prospects


The chart below shows why most sales professionals just don't have the time to prospect


  • No more excuses that you don't have the knowledge or time to prospect.
  • Your own prospecting list that is informed about your value proposition
  • A full time prospecting team that builds your credibility


Things have fundementally changed in the world of sales. To be successful we need to find alternatives to how we connect and engage with our future clients. LinkedIn offers that alternative and helps you build a sustainable list of pre-qualified prospects to whom you can sell.


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