The value of customer satisfaction

Sales executives and companies  often concentrate too much on new sales and leave out one of the most  important aspects of a business – Customer Satisfaction!

Did you know that a satisfied customer is worth more than 10 new customers? A happy consumer has huge potential of becoming a loyal buyer, referring other customers and spreading the word about your products and services.

Today’s technology enables social customer service and engagement to be extremely fast and effective. Unlike before, you can get real time feedback from customers who have acquired a certain product or experienced an exclusive service. Reviews are very popular on the internet and is becoming the basis of new visitors whether it is worthy to buy or not. Good or bad, the customer service plays a vital role in the outcome of each reviews.

How Important is Customer Satisfaction?

As much as selling is art, customer satisfaction is at the core. Ensuring that your consumers are happy, should be one of your biggest priorities. Always remember that your customers are part of your primary concern and plays a vital role in the growth and social spreading of your products and services. People tend to talk about 2 things, what they LIKED and what they DID NOT. A study shows that people spend more time talking about what “upsets” them and spreading it as much as possible. A bad experience is something that is “hard to forget” and always becomes the talk of the group.

Testimonials are strong evidence and proactive ways to build a customer background. If you are sure that you made a customer happy, a review is always very “helpful”.

Customer service however, speaks for itself. You can stand out above your competitors by providing top-notch customer service by applying the following strategies:

  1. Be active - be ready to listen and answer your customer's query, be it a complaint or a simple question.
  2. Be truthful - admit if there have been mistakes made and inform the customer of what you will do to rectify the problem.
  3. Be pro-active - do not wait for the customer to ask for help, offer a hand before they ask, and find out if the product or service served their needs.
  4. Be fast - take immediate action to solve conflicts, apart from quality, customers want their problems fixed immediately.

Loyal customers are the key to growing a business, and focusing on customer satisfaction is the formula for growth and sustainable success.

Seriously consider investing in a customer satisfaction team and being pro-active in this, and see the difference it makes in your business!