The Single Most Critical Factor For Closing Sales Deals


Some reps have a lucky talisman or action that they swear helps them close deals. A pair of socks. A rabbit's foot. Running around the office shouting and waving their arms before a call. Hey, whatever works.

But on the whole, the majority of marketers and salespeople agree on the most important factor for closing a deal. According to a new survey from Corporate Visions, 85% of companies indicated that salespeople's ability to communicate value is of primary importance when it comes to closing.

So what are these organizations doing to make their reps more effective at selling value?

Unfortunately, not much. An alarming 34% of survey respondents said no one was responsible for ensuring salespeople could proficiently articulate their offering's value, and only 9% expect reps to record their presentations to be reviewed by coaches on a regular basis.

Do you agree that a salesperson's ability to sell value is the most important element for closing a deal? And if so, what do you think accounts for the disconnect between the significance of communicating value and the prioritization of coaching this skill? Share your thoughts in the comments.