The 2016 Sales Strategy Plan to Increase Sales by up to 47%

2015 Was a great year and we helped many sales organisations increase sales and become more focused on engaging the right clients and target audience. Most teams required help insofar as getting to the right clients and closing more deals, and I realised that for many sales teams out there, reaching target has become extremely difficult.

Many have stagnated on comfortable levels of sales volumes and certain organisations experienced declining sales during 2015.


For this reason, I decided to focus 2016 on Sales Strategy sessions that are more inline with the 4 crucial steps to increase business to up to 47%.

Why this specific focus?

  1. It's extremely targeted and delivers the most direct sales results.
  2. It also allows management to control and measure activities more accurately. It might take a bit of time, depending on your teams current status and experience, but think of where you would be now if you did this in 2015?

One thing is for certain; sales will not get easier in 2016 and only those that invest the time and money into their sales teams will thrive in this crazy busy business world.

Here is what we will focus on during the 2016 Sales Strategy Sessions:

Step 1
Increase the number of sales opportunities your sales team works on by 10%

This is a very important first step as most sales people just don't have enough leads, or qualified leads for that matter. You may ask, "so how do we ensure they have enough qualified leads"?

There are many factors that influence this but most importantly your team should know exactly who their future clients are. This goes back to their own value proposition, experience in their target markets and actual approach and sales pitches. During a global client survey done in 2014/15, it was discovered that the one thing clients want from a sales person is "understanding their business and specific needs". For many sales people this is a complete new experience as they have not figured this one that through. Many just use the shotgun approach and see as many clients as they possibly can. Many don't have that winning sales pitch or telephone approach hence they waste time and seem busy, but it doesn't show in their sales volumes. The results are astounding when sales executives understand this, have precise value propositions and are aligned with specific target markets.

It's not good enough to just have great services and products, you need to understand your client's businesses and talk their language. When we design your specific value proposition to be aligned with your target audience, this becomes easy.

Step 2
Increase the average deal size of your current sales by a mere 10%

This might seem simple to increase their deal size by 10%, but not always easy if they don't focus on the right target client, have the skills to sell into larger and lucritive markets or have that winning sales pitch and masterful sales conversation. In many instances it needs small tweaking and other times a complete remake is required in order for a sales person to up their games and start seeing better clients or larger business. Focus is crucial and knowing where to find that client, but when sales see the benefit of working smarter and not harder, bottom line increases tremendously and continues to grow. You stop wasting time with unqualified clients and focus on the right ones. Two sales people in one organisation might see the same client, and one will do the deal! Why? The one that does the deal might speak the right language, have the correct approach pitch and offer the service or product slightly differently than the other sales person. Most of the time it is that simple....

Step 3
Increase your closing rate by only 10%

This comes down to seeing the right clients (prospecting) and having the personal value proposition (you as sales person have to become the value) that resonates with your target audience. When these elements are inline, closing becomes easy as you talk their language and offer to their specific requirements and needs. No more hard selling, but easy conversations about your value and how you help your clients. You will also find that when you align your sales team with specific targeted clients where there are synergies and understanding, that objections become less and closing increases. Most of the time, when we align personal value propositions with specific sales people, deals are done more frequently and a lot easier.

Yes, we might have to look at sales pitches, approaches and conversations, but that is just some fine tuning and practise.

Step 4
Decrease the length of your sales cycles by 10%

If you currently take 3 months to close the average deal, you need a mere shift of one and a half weeks here! This comes back to talking to qualified leads, knowing where to find them plus your value proposition and talking your clients' language.

Sometimes it takes slight adjustments in what is said and how your services are presented, but the bottom line is; if you're talking to the right people at the right time, deals happen and they happen faster. No unmerited objections and time wasting by going back and forwards with clients' requests.

During 2016, we will help sales organisations break barriers and increase sales with this very effective 4 step process. If you think your team is ready to take it to the next level, I will gladly call or meet with you to see where we can help. The process is quite simple, as I engage on sales team leader levels and once these individuals understand what's required, they become the daily coaches of national sales teams throughout the organisation.

To find out where to start, send me a message or email to



Riaan has been working with leading Sales Organisations, Sales Managers and select Individuals who want to improve sales performance, design and implement winning strategies and sales cultures that leads to more deals, for the past 20 years.

Since 1985, Riaan has been in Corporate | B2B | High-level Sales and led teams to maximise performance. He provides strategic oversight and serves as executive sales coach and advisor to clients ranging from small, rapidly growing start-ups to well-established, large corporations.

His experience has allowed him to work with organizations and executives within entities such as Old Mutual, the Telecoms Industry, Siemens, Capgemini, Accenture, BWI in Hong Kong and many others, to help them improve sales performance.