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If you're looking for a sales strategy that could triple your revenue, Sales Process Engineerings might be the one for your business. At BlueOceans we re-engineer your sales processes to generate a constant, increased and predictable flow of sales revenue.

Why change is needed?

"Biggest Misconception” - Adding salespeople grows revenue. (Aaron Ross)  The root issue is not on growing the team, but ensuring your field salespeople spend 100 hundred percent of their time facing new clients.

Most businesses expect their salespeople to be experts in all aspects from lead generations, qualification, cold calling, administration, project management, customer relations/retention and off-course selling. In todays' environment, this is extremely difficult to do whilst chasing steep sales targets.


Implementing Sales Process Engineering, ensures that your technical salespeople spend all of their of their time facing clients. This results in tremendous revenue increases.

Managed SPE is designed to fast-track your transition to a new, more productive sales function.

 In practice, the implications of SPE are significant:
  1. Salespeople focus exclusively on selling to qualified prospective clients
  2. Salespeople are supported by a team of internal specialists who take responsibility for promotion, clerical tasks and technical activities

The management of sales opportunities (and technical salespeople’s calendars) is centralised and management is provided with both current and accurate data and with the control required to execute their decisions. Bringing down sales related expenses and increasing sales.

Typically, SPE results in the following:

  1. A significant reduction in the size of the technical sales team
  2. The conversion of most existing (technical) salespeople into project leaders (responsible for managing the interface between sales and fulfillment)
  3. A ten-times increase in the number of business-development appointments performed by the remaining salespeople
  4. An improvement in customer service
  5. A reduction in sales cycle-time
  6. Minimal capital expenditure
  7. Minimal increase in operating expenses

For more than 20 years, we have worked with salespeople, leaders and organisations to increase sales revenue. An integral part of what we do, includes the re-alignment of how technical orginisations should approach sales to drive real results in this Brave New World Of Selling.



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