Sales Strategy and Action Plan

Sales executives have to adapt their strategies in order thrive in todays world of buyers.

As Sales Strategists and Coach, I work with leading organisations, sales managers and individuals to close more sales. The Sales Strategy Action Plan was devised to help sales people understand their roles and have a set of sales approaches and strategies that will engage buyers. Your own blue print of what to do and how to approach your buyers.

When you understand what to do, how to do it and with whom you're doing it, it simplifies your sales approach and helps you close more targeted buyers.

When dealing with sales organisations, we work on the following aspects:


Defining your target markets


When you understand  the value you personally add to your specific target market, it allows you to be aligned with your prospects.  I help you formulate a strategy that talks to:

  • "Why customers should buy from you?"
  • "Your understanding of the specific target market and how you add value."
  • "Who you're talking to and how these prospects make buying decisions."
  • "The new insights you give them, for those 'aha' moments when they go, Oh, I didn't know that!"
  • "What stops prospect to do business with you?"


Aligning you services and products language with that of your target market


It's not what you sell, but how you present, how you as sales person becomes the value, and show prospects what your services and products do for them, that matters.  We align those strategies and show what your services or products can do for our clients, and how they solve specific needs. This creates a clear message of what issues and needs you solve for your clients.


Your Value Proposition


We ensure you generate your own individual value proposition that Resonates, Differentiates and Substantiates what you sell and how you do it.

Think in terms of what client needs you can fill, not what services you offer. You must stop thinking in terms of your services and start thinking in terms of outcomes.




This is one of the major areas of concern for most sales people.  Where does the next sale come from, and are those leads qualified plus inline with my target audience? We explore new avenues of prospecting, how to find a constant flow of sales leads, and how you should engage them to ensure there is no time wasted with un-qualified prospects. Here you will learn how to offer prospects new insights even before you make contact the first time. This builds credibility and opens doors.


Your Winning Pitch


Pitching sounds easy, but when you consider how many competitors are pitching to the same clients, it has become crucial that you speak to the prospects individual needs. You only have a few seconds to either impress them or loose them!

You also pitch over email, digital platforms, telephone calls, personally and many other ways. These differ so we make sure you cover all bases and prepare the different pitches over different mediums. We investigate and align your pitches to your value proposition and build an arsenal you can use to get meetings and during sales conversation.


Your Power Questions


Insight sellers dominate the world of sales. They are the value and understand how to extract information from clients, get prospects to collaborate and engage in masterful conversations. This all starts with asking the right power questions to make clients think about the status quo. We build your own set of power questions to be used during your sales conversations and prospecting. This will differentiate you from your competitors and build credibility in the prospects eyes.


Your sales approach


We define your 5 step approach to new prospects to ensure you pass the "So what" test with important clients. When sales people have a set strategy in which they engage clients, understand the research requirements before the meeting, and know exactly what to say when, success is evident. This also allows you to listen to clients instead of thinking what you will say next.  Preparation in sales is the key to success!


Habits and Goals


Habits determine outcomes, and good habits lead to success. I ensure that sales people implement good habits, follow specific daily activities that lead to new business and ultimate success.


Other areas

  • The art of insight selling and why this works so well in the world of the top sales people
  • Finding rapport
  • Adding a verification meeting to close more sales and waste less time doing so
  • Issues and Objections
  • The frazzled customer syndrome and how to approach extremely busy buyers
  • Hidden sales gems and how to uncover them
  • Approaching big business clients
  • Approaching wealthy individuals
  • Leading masterful sales conversations
  • The sales mind

Make sure you and your team are prepared for sales engagements, lead masterful conversations, ask powerful questions that lead to deals being closed.


About BOC


I work with leading sales organisations, managers and individuals to define sales action plans and strategies that win sales. 

With a sales career spanning over 25 years, focused on selling to big companies and corporate sales, I  coach and drive performance that helps leading organisations improve sales. I have worked with organisations and executives within; Old Mutual, Capgemini, Siemens, Listed Telecoms suppliers, Blue Chip Consultative organisations, Real Esate firms and many others from around the world, to improve sales and close more deals.