Client – sales call sprints

I work with a lot of sales teams (including teams of business-development specialists).

The expectation is that inside salespeople should have about 20-30 meaningful sales interactions a day, and that most of these will be phone calls.

Call volume isn't everything, of course. But, without a consistent volume of sales activity, you can be sure that you will lack a consistent volume of sales.

There are two factors that help reduce call volumes:

  1. Call reluctance (it's easier to respond to emails than it is to pick up the phone and initiate a new conversation)
  2. Interruptions from other team members


The key to counteracting these factors is Call Blocks


Introducing protected call times

Protected Calling Times are sprints. It turns out that human beings perform better when they sprint, then relax, than they do when they attempt to run all day.

Most of our top performers have two Protected Calling Times each day. Typically they run for and hour and a half each. One at the start of each day, and one after lunch.

Here are the ground rules for Protected Calling Times:

  • Salespeople should ONLY make outbound sales calls. No email. It is okay for them to take inbound sales calls, but these should be vetted by customer service to ensure that they are not transactional in nature.
  • Salespeople must priortise calls to new campaigns (in other words, calls on the back of pre-approach emails that were sent that morning).
  • Salespeople must not be interrupted by customer service or finance during Protected Calling Times.
  • A supervisor must be walking the floor, maintaining high energy levels for the duration of the Protected Calling Times. They should run fun competitions weekly
  • It’s good to hang a sign during Protected Calling Times to signal to other team members that salespeople are off limits. (Of course, this sends a positive signal to salespeople too!)



Complimentary guide

 The Predictable Sales Revenue Machine  (In this document, we discuss a new strategy that can, if implemented correctly, increase sales revenue three fold.)


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