Rafting through life

Have you ever had one of those days, or weeks, or months, or years, where everything you do seems to not work out as you expected? You lay your plans and try to implement them, and for some reason, no matter where you turn, it all falls apart.

We’ve all had months like that, where it seemed that all the things that were carefully put together were unraveling. As annoying as it seems, it’s a reminder that control is just an illusion and that regardless of the best-laid plans, life will do what it wants.

Think of life as similar to riding down a river in a raft without a paddle! When things are good the raft is in the middle of the river, floating quickly and smoothly towards your destination. However, for no apparent reason the river may suddenly push it towards the edge, where the trees overhang and the rocks are plentiful.

As your raft continues to move, the low-hanging branches knock you around, you bang into rocks, and all you can do is hang on and try to stay in the boat. At other times the raft may end up in an eddy, where you go around in circles and feel quite stuck. Occasionally the raft may actually go over the falls and be thrown into the water. When this happens your job is to remember to breathe as you attempt to get to the surface and climb back into the raft.

Whether your raft is floating effortlessly down the middle of the river, or headed for the falls, is often out of your control. Your job is to continue to hang on, make sure you’ve done all you can (like wear a life jacket and tie everything down), stay with the raft at all costs, and know that eventually the situation will change.


Know this: all will work out just fine in the end and life has a funny way of taking us where we need to be...