Our sales structures are flawed!

We expect more from our sales but don't support them in their duties. Most of their time is spent on tasks they either hate or don't know anything about.

When looking at the chart below, we can see that there just isn't any time available to sell. Most companies expect field salespeople to do they own prospecting, admin, project management, proposals, customs relations and much more....Most businesses don't intend to hold salespeople accountable for all these tasks, but they do this to earn commissions at the end of the month.

A small number of companies are re-engineering their current structures and achieving phenomenal sales growth though this. This is referred to as Sales Process Engineering. It takes some internal investigations, re-stucturing of existing teams, but the end result is worth the effort.

Typically, SPE results in the following:

  1. A significant reduction in the size of the sales team
  2. The conversion of most existing (technical) salespeople into project leaders(responsible for managing the interface between sales and fulfillment)
  3. A ten-times increase in the number of business-development appointments performed by the remaining salespeople
  4. An improvement in customer service
  5. A reduction in sales cycle-time
  6. Minimal capital expenditure
  7. Minimal increase in operating expenses

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About Riaan

Over the past 20 years, Riaan has been working with leading Sales Organisations, Sales Managers and select Individuals who want to improve sales performance, design and implement sales processes and cultures that leads to increased revenue.

Since 1985, Riaan has been in Corporate | B2B | High-level sales and led teams to maximise performance. He provides strategic oversight and serves as executive coach and advisor to clients ranging from small, rapidly growing start-ups to well-established, large corporations.

His experience has allowes him to work with organisations and executives within entities such as Old Mutual, Sanlam, the Telecoms Industry, Siemens, Capgemini, Accenture, BWI in Hong Kong and many others, to help them improve sales performance.