No gimmicks – Sales advice!

I've been selling to large corporation for many, many years, and as sales coach, I get asked this question very often? Actually 2 questions....

1. What is the one thing you need in order to be good at sales and closing? (If there was one thing -haha, but let's assume for a moment there was.) Forget about techniques, skills, prospecting correctly, product knowledge and all the other necessities required in the sales environment, and focus on that one thing that closes sales. I believe your absolute conviction and belief in your company and product, and good matching with the prospects needs, would be that one thing you need in order to close more deals... If you were in the final closing stages, you've presented your services, matched that with the clients requirements, used utmost integrity and is sincere, and the client says NO! It has to come as such a shock to you, the fact that the client cannot see the benefit... that you are truly shocked! No games, No gimmicks, No acting. That would mean that you absolutely believe in your product and what you have recommended, that a NO, comes as total surprise. I have sold hundreds of million Rands worth of contracts, and every time I was successful, I truly knew in my heart, that I was doing the absolute right thing at the right time - no doubts or hesitations. If you're convinced and believe, that what you're doing right now for that client is absolutely the right thing, not commission driven, there is very little room for a NO! In most cases, if the client does say no, it probably means that he\she was never going to move.

The second question I get quite often is:


2. "Why could you help us as coach? (Especially from quite successful sales executives and Rainmakers) My short answer to this is: In most instances, sales have remained exactly the same for the past 10 years or more. What has changed though, is the way people and companies buy! Customers have much more access to information via the internet, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google etc.

Customers are smarter, have less patients for incompetent sales people, much more risk adverse, very in-tuned to whether you can deliver what you promise, competitors are getting smarter and in most B2B sales, up to 60% of the sales process is completed by the time the rep meets the customer for the first time.

From a coaches' perspective, or at least a good one, it's their job to know what world-leading sales executives are doing. Compile a sort of "sales playbook". What are the top, say 10% of leading sales people doing to rise above the challenge? What is their approach, how do the handle competition? How do they approach large accounts? How do they close and how do they keep the wolves at bay? A good coach will also know how to transfer information to their coachees, what actually works in the field, and what's written by an intellectual and doesn't work.

These are relevant to all of us, and as most sales people are extremely busy lining up the next deal or closing the previous one, they don't always have the time to research, study and keep up with world-trends or ideas from other reps.

To your success....