Never Sell Over Digital Platforms – Rather inform

Would you prefer that a new customer says to you; I don't know who you are and what you do OR I love your latest blog and the white paper you did on growth factors....Being known as the guru or expert on something always helps you gain trust and open doors with new clients....

Many ask, so how do we do all of that when clients don't even know about us, surely each new sales call is a NEW cold call? Well, unless your were referred, most of these are blind calls into a dark hole. My experience tells me that having an introduction or referral is the best, but we don't always have enough of those to keep the pipeline filled!

So what else can we do? When you manage your digital channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook filled with future pipeline customers, that elevates so many aspects for you as sales person.

  1. You have a growing base of new potential customers
  2. You create credibility over this platform
  3. You always know where your future customers are
  4. When you launch new products/services, you know how to target your customers
  5. Its extremely cost effective compared to any there media or medium
  6. It's easy to do events & webinars when you have thousands of potential customers to choose from

How do we do this you may ask...

Here are a few things you could do

Firstly start a blog and give information or facts that help your potential customers without expecting anything in return. You might think this is a waste of time, but it's not. They will appreciative it since you're not selling over the digital platform. Social media and other platforms are very effective if done correctly. You need to become what is known as an "Insight Seller" Give free advise, supply white papers that help customers, info that is relevant to their lives. Make yourself Invaluable in their lives and most importantly DON"T SELL!

Secondly post your blog over the Digital Platforms and revert traffic back to your blog or website.

Thirdly - continually grow your Digital platform with new targeted customers. this is time consuming as you need to target them individually and don't spam them. Imagine if you had 10,000 potential and targeted customer on a Digital Platform, wouldn't that make live easier?

Fourthly you can join other groups that are relevant to your customer base and spread your blog posts over those platforms.

NOTE: Keep in mind that although you might only get one or two "likes" or comments on a blog post, many many more see this and read this. Not many people interact over these platforms since they are busy and don't always want to show sales people that they like what you say.  Some of my own blog posts that receives 1 like but over 400 views...

The most important aspect to remember is not to sell over Digital platforms but rather inform, advise and assist potential customers. They will appreciate this and buy you lots of future points...