It’s crunch time, but you still need sales before December 2015

Don’t think you are the only one that’s extremely busy and chasing target between now and December 2015! Your customers are in the same boat.

Frenzied Customer Syndrome


It’s October 2015, and believe me, you are not alone in chasing deadlines and getting million of things done before the holiday. We are in the final stretch and have to close sales, finalize admin and get projects closed off before the final bell rings.

This is crunch time for everyone!


Bottom line


Your customers are in the same boat. They are forgetful due to work overload; they get analysis paralysis due to time constraints and just don’t have the time or see the need to take sales calls and meetings.

Customers think the following:

  • I don’t need more interruptions
  • I need to protect my time
  • They also worry that you will waste their time and If they dismiss you, you will keep bugging them.


How your approach needs to change

Now that you know what’s going through their minds, what can be done? Keep in mind that customers aren’t being rude on purpose; it’s just that they have their own things to take care off right now. As sales person, you now need to focus on “Why it is crucial for customers to see you right now?”

If there is no urgency, or extremely important reason from the customer’s perspective to see you right now, forget selling to him or her. As sales person you need to take a good look at who you want to sell to now, and find that urgency before you make contact.


When you do get that appointment, remember this.


You will get only a few minutes of their valuable time so make it count.

Here is what they are thinking;

  • I don’t have time for this right now.
  • This sales person is going to keep bugging me if I don’t buy
  • This might be a lengthy process and I don’t have the time right now.
  • The last thing I feel like right now is a sales pitch!


How to approach new customers


You need total focus from your side and a “pitch” that will solve some underlying issue for your customer. You have to find and create urgency, the “why” your customer must see you right now! This is not the time of the year to start lengthy conversations about benefits and features and your fabulous company. No sales garbage such as innovative products, unique products, groundbreaking and all other sale language will fly!


What works better?


Go through your existing customer list and find urgency for them to see you now. You don’t need to build rapport or credibility, as you have that!  Find urgency and focus on the “WHY” they should act before they close off in December. Maybe you have some sort of special offer that expires; maybe there is a very good reason they need to act now?

This is the time of the year to go through your pipeline, low hanging fruits and closing off unfinished deals.

Maybe you’ve missed something when analysing your customer’s needs or pains? Think what the consequence could be if your customer doesn’t act now! Why they should take action on the deal right now or what not acting means for them.

What could happen to them over the holidays, and what the consequences could be?

Remember this; its not just you that’s busy. Most of the time there is a reason why people should act now, but they don’t always see it and keep in mind that time is limited so get to the point. Prepare and practice the conversation over and over.