It is a crime not to…

How many sales training classes have you attended? How may different tips have you gotten over the years you have been selling? How many notes have you taken about sales? Now, how many of those ideas did you actually put into place and use to help grow your sales career?

The biggest crime that sales people commit is not using advice they’ve gotten. It is as if they go to meetings and trainings, listen and then disregard what was said. Using the excuse “it won’t work” is a BIG mistake in the world of improvement.

Here are the top five sales tips that every sales person should at least try – they will help improve your sales.

  1. Always set your next meeting before leaving. It is foolish to walk out of a meeting and say to the prospect that you will call them for another meeting. You are there, and the reaction, good or bad, will tell you whether you have the possibility of a sale or not. Always do this.
  2. Learn the most common objections that you hear and know how to turn them around. What are the top five objections? Know what you are going to say to each, and be prepared for what you know is going to happen.
  3. Make sure you prospect every day. Too many sales people find excuses to avoid making calls, canvassing or just visiting with new people. Give out 100 business cards a month and you will never be without someone to sell.
  4. Offer new products and services to existing customers. Call them and see how they are doing, tell them you are thinking of their business and you have ideas that you want to discuss. Then set an appointment to visit.
  5. Always write (either an email or letter) thanking the prospect for their time. It goes a long way in securing the relationship.