Successful Sales Coaches Play 5 Key Roles


  1. Define: The best sales coaches help sellers define both their goals and a path to their own personal New Reality, the personal state they most desire. Different salespeople are motivated by different


  1. Execute: Coaches help sellers build and execute action plans, optimizing seller efficiency and focus. Good coaches also know the psychology behind developing habits. After defining goals and setting a path, the coach will help his coachee develop habits; automatic behaviors that help increase the seller’s


  1. Advise: Coaches give direct advice as appropriate to maximize immediate sales wins. In some schools of thought, coaches should avoid giving direct advice because it will hinder the coachee’s But, in a live sales situation, a hands-off approach may mean losing an opportunity. A good coach knows when to give direct advice and when to allow his coachee to problem solve on his own.


  1. Develop: Coaches develop a coachee’s knowledge, skills, and attributes to improve performance Coaching must include advice to close particular opportunities and a focus on helping the salesperson improve his capabilities over time.


  1. Motivate: Coaches motivate sellers to find and sustain their highest level of energy and action over the long term. By challenging the salesperson and encouraging him to take ownership of his own success, a successful sales coach can create an obvious connection between actions and goals that will inspire his coachee to give his maximum