Understanding the Frazzled customer syndrome

You know what it’s like to be extremely busy.
Before you’re even fully awake in the morning, you’re on the computer checking what seems like an endless stream of e-mail. When you look at your to-do list, you wonder how you’ll be able to get everything done. You have a endless amounts of  people to follow up with on the phone,  meetings , and a presentations to be finished. Then there’s that  that customer who’s driving you nuts.
You grab a quick sandwich at the vending machine and eat it at your desk, that way you can update your files and take care of paperwork that needs to be processed. Then you head out for that presentation that you wish you’d had more time to prepare for. After the presentation, you have a ton of questions that now need to get answered before the end of the week. At least, that’s what you promised your newest prospects.

By the time you get home at night, you’re exhausted. It’s a crazy life, where things such as traffic jams, computer problems, and sick kids can put you over the edge. There’s no wiggle room in your schedule for you to learn

new things and thus prepare in your future. There’s no mental bandwidth left for taking on anything else. It requires all of your energy to keep up with what needs to be done today.

You’re not alone in this. Your customers feel the same! Ironically, in this high-speed environment, change can be slow. Your customers may spend hours online searching for answers to their most pressing problems, but when it comes down to the wire, they freeze and can’t figure out which way to go. Everyone has an opinion, no one wants to take a risk, and turf issues abound. Your customers are surrounded by chaos, and at the same time, they yearn for simplicity and order.

We’ve never faced tougher sales challenges.
It’s a time to create new basics and let go of the old ones. For example, it’s no longer a numbers game. You’ll be much more successful making fewer high-quality calls, meetings, and presentations. And having a great relationship with your customers is nice, but no longer sufficient. Today you need to personally bring value to each interaction you have with these people. Also, even if you sell commodities, your new role in working with these well- educated customers is as a “business improvement specialist.”
These are only a few of the many changes we need to make today. If you commit to learning these new basics, you will be
unstoppable. And your competitors won’t have a chance.