Follow These 5 Steps To Attract Large Business Customers

In research, buyers reported there are 10 behaviours that most separate Business Customers sales winners from second-place finishers.

Here are a few:

  • Educate me with new perspectives
  • Collaborate with me
  • Persuade me we would achieve results
  • Listen to me

In order to get that appointment, you have to remember that buyers are less patient. If sellers don’t impress buyers immediately with their professional approach and competence, and continue to do so throughout all interactions, they get dismissed.

So what do we do to impress them immediately?

Here is one approach that I found works very well and will get you a few minutes of their time.

Plant the seed 


  Step 1

Connect over LinkedIn, and please make sure your profile is inline with what your unique value proposition is. This has to be aligned with your customer and they need to resonate with what you do. Many sales people try LinkedIn as approach, but they don't get as far as attracting customers to connect due to unprofessional profiles.

Step 2

You now have to do a few relevant posts over LinkedIn to attract some attention from these potential customers. These in itself is an art and remember, don’t sell! Offer valuable insights into their lives or businesses. Once you've done a few posts, start inviting your potential customers to connect. The invitation has to approached from a perspective of offering new insights into their industry and whats happening on that front.

To see how to generate posts that attracts attention, post, go to:

Step 3

Do a short “white paper” on how you have addresses a specific problem or pain and how it was resolved for another customer. This is crucial as it shows relevance in the potential customers eyes and will resonate with them. It also gives your a certain amount of credibility in the area. Its sounds like a lot of work, yes it is! If you want to attract big business, it takes effort and dedication, but it pays off, believe me....


Step 4

See if there are trigger events such as mergers, new announcements, management changes, something in the news about their targets for the year or anything that relates to what you do or your products and services. When this happens, act immediately while its still fresh.

Step 5

Make contact with something like this?


New Innovative Strategies on the Telecoms Industry 

Hi Peter

The reason I’m reaching out is that we’ve been testing out some new initiatives, that not only cuts costs drastically but enhances business innovation, with the likes of XYZ in how we approach this.

I thought you might be interested in hearing about what we’ve been doing and how it’s all panning out. Tony from XYZ has had some amazing results which has led to some new discoveries for your type of business.

We have recently completed a short study regarding the effects this has on your industry you might find interesting.

To download: (enter link)

If you have a moment on Thursday,  I would be happy to come around to answer some questions or meet for a quick coffee in order to discuss.





With an approach like this, and if your timing is good and you’ve done your homework on the potential customer,  chances are very good that you will get at least 30 minutes of their busy schedules.

This is one way that works, you just have to send this to enough target customers and allow them to come to you.  Sometimes follow ups are necessary to engage but this is a very good start to get you in. That way, you are in a very favourable position when you meet them first. It also gets rid of cold calling and boring email approaches which are not really successful into these business markets.

To get some more research and tactics that work, contact me and I would be happy to provide.