Don’t dry yourself out!

There will always be more work. You have to prioritize, focus…and stop.

You can’t work all day, all weekend. You’ll drive yourself crazy, and you still won’t be done.

People who tell me they’re too busy to take a vacation, or even to take the weekend off, are taking themselves far too seriously. None of us are that important.

One of our associates is taking two weeks off, starting yesterday. He was crazy busy last Friday and he’ll be crazy busy when he gets back. In the meantime, he’s doing zero work on a variety of beaches.

It doesn’t make him less valuable. It doesn’t make him less important. Sometimes a sign of someone’s value and contribution isn’t how hard they work, but how well they prepare to not work. How well they empower those around them. How they make themselves redundant, replaceable. How they use time not working to improve their focus, energy and productivity when they are working.

You’ll never be able to work so hard that you actually finish the work, so stop well before that point and focus instead on the right work. Work hard, but work smart.

Easy in theory, very difficult in practice. But worth it.