How do you handle extremely busy customers?

In today's crazy busy world, reaching people on the phone is basically impossible. Capturing and keeping their attention requires Herculean efforts. One day the prospect states their interest and the next you are in the BLACK WHOLE! The good news is you're not loosing it, the bad news is that this is your new reality in sales.


Think about this: How much time do you have to see other sales people, and how do you treat calls that come to you for a sale?

Do you still do this?

  1. Good morning Mr Customer, its John from so and so speaking and I would like to set a meeting to come and explain our brilliant new services. Our company is so big and we are so fantastic, you should see me.....BEEP BEEP BEEP - you're  gone!
  2. Or maybe an email: Dear John, I was wondering if i could pop in to show you our new services or products that are so phenomenal and could help you so much...DELETE DELETE're gone! 

Don't we realise that people are all busy with their own stresses, their own selling and their own very busy lives? Surely there are better ways to get new clients to listen to you?

We should realise that customers ask these questions:

  1. How would you help me in my daily stresses and get rid of my pain with your offering ?
  2. Why should I listen to you?
  3. I don't need more interruptions in my already hectic life.
  4. I need to protect my time at all cost
  5. Salespeople are a waste of time
  6. if it isn't broken, why fix it?
  7. Why is what you're selling better than what I have or the competitors?

What do customers (all of us) hate?

  1. Self-serving salespeople
  2. Sellers that don't invest time in knowing them, their needs and pains
  3. Rookies who clearly know nothing

This might all sound very negative but it's the reality we have to deal with. People are busy and we are just not that important in their lives right now. Knowing this, what should we do then?

Good news is that all people, no matter what their positions are, how rich or important they are, value someone that is Invaluable in their lives. Someone that offers new insight, offers to help, offers to be a confidant and "information centre" on specific topics. As sales executives, we have to become that informant, the person that takes pain out of the lives of our customers, someone they know is reliable and not just trying to sell something to them.

Stop selling and start becoming invaluable and you will sell more than ever. You will be referred, you will be spoken off during board meetings and become what we are mean to be, Executives and not the sales guys that irritate people and waste their valuable time....

Find out what alleviates pain in your customers lives, how they think, what their beliefs are, how they do things and make decisions. Know their business and what the are responsible for and then align your services or products to that.

Be that "Executive" that is on their level and they can talk to and run ideas past, and you will be in the game...