Complimentary guide to “The brave new wold of selling”

In this guide, we explain how businesses should adapt in order to grow their client base in this market place. We can no longer ignore the fact that things are just not going to go back to the way we sold 5 years ago.

In 2017, your clients know what your competitors offer, the pricing, services and many other aspects of your services and products. You can no longer just rely on cold calling or traditional sales methods going forward. The Internet, and how enlightened competitors are doing things, are forcing businesses to re-look their current sales and marketing strategies.

How to drive prospects from STRANGER to FOLLOWER to LEAD to CUSTOMER & PROMOTOR is explained in this comprehensive guide.

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We can talk about giving advise rather than selling, we can learn how to interact more professionally, build rapport, grow relationships and all the very important aspects of sales, but if you’re not seeing enough clients, or don’t know how to reach them, THIS MEANS NOTHING!

You would have you noticed how the process of generating qualified sales opportunities is becoming increasingly difficult? Selling has experienced a paradigm shift, which is being driven by a fundamental change in customer buying behaviour. We have the Internet to thank for that. Unfortunately, it is not going to get any easier and the implications are profound.

Here is what has changed over the past few years:


In response to this change, we have created a tool, designed to illustrate where your organisation is positioned, and what is required for you to adapt to THE FUTURE OF SELLING.(click here to receive your personalised report and see what is required to see more clients and do more sales)

The harsh reality is that unless we adapt, our competitors will continue to take business away from us.

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 About the author

Riaan's on a mission to help sales professionals thrive and push the limits!

Over the past 20 years, Riaan has been working with leading Sales Organisations, Sales Managers and select Individuals who want to improve sales performance, design and implement winning strategies and sales cultures that leads to more deals.

Since 1985, Riaan has been in Corporate | B2B | High-level Sales and led teams to maximise performance. He provides strategic oversight and serves as executive sales coach and advisor to clients ranging from small, rapidly growing start-ups to well-established, large corporations.

His experience has allowed him to work with organisations and executives within entities such as Old Mutual, the Telecoms Industry, Siemens, Capgemini, Accenture, BWI in Hong Kong and many others, to help them improve sales performance

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