Change only scares losers…

Many people get upset when things change, when industries announce new regulations, or laws change! It's normal and a process we all go through, at first!

I remember reading a story where, the biggest concern in the UK, back in the 1800's was this: They did not know what they would do with all the horse S#@T as they had no more place on the Island and couldn't really dump it in the ocean. Predictions of the amount of horses, the amount of "dump" per day per horse times the amount of horses (which by the way were counted) would fill the Island in a few years time.....Now this was a major concern for many years and the contracted some of the best of the best to find a solution to this massive problem. Then, not too long after, the motor car was invented.....Needless to say....the changes they anticipated never happened.

What separates the winners from the average sales people is this:

  1. Winners accept change as a chance to deploy new strategies, losers see change as a yet another reason to complain.
  2. Winners are exited as major changes normally means some of your competitors will leave the industry, losers leave the industry and find cozy desk jobs.
  3. Winners look at change as a chance to grow, losers don't want to grow as the are "comfortable."
  4. Winners go back to the drawing boards and re-invent themselves, losers dig a hole and hide.


Embrace change, it's an opportunity to grow and rise above the rest! In order to grow, we need change...