Always have a second step

There’s a song that goes like this “it’s not what you say, it’s what you do.” This applies to sales in a big way! I’ve been to many presentations and meetings where sales people do their thing, present a solution and then give out business cards, and leave….

Nothing else….that’s it.

This is detrimental, as there has to be a next step after each call, meeting or presentation.

In many instances, customers already have a supplier of what you’re selling; know about your company and the pricing. They know everything! What more could you do, you may ask?

You have to remember that in sales, the second meeting is everything. It tells you if they are interested, it creates the relationship and is even more important than the first meeting. The first is only to gather information, establish that you are professional and leave with the customer thinking, “he/she is good to do business with”.

As a sales person, you need to apply the following tips:

  1. Always ask for the next meeting.
  2. Decide what to use to come back – PowerPoint presentation, example, etc.
  3. Create enough interest by not saying everything or even agreeing with the prospect about what they know. Don’t just sit and nod to everything the client says, create interest, ask and being challenging so you stand out.


Many sales people never do anything to say that there is a difference between what prospects are buying now and what he/she sells. Now I agree, in the world of commodity selling it may be hard…but find a way.

When doing this, you will be bland as a paper. There will be nothing exciting about you are selling.

Of course, you want to know what happens in these cases. NOTHING. Customers will forget about you as soon as you leave the room. You might even add that customer to your pipe line and tell the people back at the office that this will be a sale. If this is what you do, please go back to the drawing board and rethink your approach. YOU WILL NOT SELL THERE!

There has to be a NEXT STEP in each meeting. You have to leave the room with customers seeing why you are different, what your specific value is you bring to the table. Why what you’re selling is so much better or different from competitors. Remember that you're first meeting is not a presentation, its not even about your products and benefits. This first meeting is to gather relevant information and establish rapport and interest from the prospect. A reason why they should see you a second time. And arrange that second meeting right there and then. have a second step!