Jolt prospects to get their attention!

Do you pay attention when flight attendants give their safety overview, I never do. I could practically do it by heart myself. Same for the video that cover these details. Boring.

So why was glued to the screen paying rapt attention when traveling in Europe some time ago?

In another video, an airline jolts you out of your normal routine as you see a scruffy looking character refuse to help with emergency row procedures. When he got up to leave, he was replaced by an acrobatic guy doing a flip in the aisle.

The video then returns to the flight attendant who admonished us about smoking. But quickly cut to a cute little girl shaking her finger at the screen, to emphasize the point.

The cast of exaggerated characters (old grannies, hipsters, dweebs and more) continues throughout. Will you look at this? I think so...

Capture Prospects Attention

Clearly the approach above is working.

How does this relate to you? When you’re selling, one of your key challenges is to capture and keep a prospect’s attention. If you sound like every other sales rep out there, you’ll be ignored.

So ask yourself these questions:

  1. How can I jolt prospects out of their usual behaviour?
  2. What can I do that’s unexpected?
  3. How can I leverage humor?

Take a look at your messaging. Analyse what you do in your initial sales conversation. Then start experimenting.