You’re an Advisor. A consultant. A Coach. A Service Industry Leader. A Professional Service Provider…

and the growth of your business depends on getting new clients. It’s not enough to be great at what you do…you still need clients.

Not just any clients -  the ones who are excited to work with you. Who understand that you’re different from anyone else in your industry.

Without a steady flow of the perfect clients, your business is in trouble.


We can help.

Most sales and prospecting strategies today just don’t work. Blogging. Podcasting. Grinding out articles, Cold calling, Spam emailing. All that stuff.

These are fine for building an audience, but they’re hopeless when it comes to getting new paying clients and closing deals. The fact is there’s a huge difference between growing your audience, and growing your income.


We are different.

We teach cutting-edge techniques that work…and we give you the support AND the mindset to take action and create transformations in your business.

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Digital Platforms

You are an Adviser, a Consultant, a Service Industry Leader, a Professional Services Provider where the growth of your business depends on getting new clients. It’s not enough to be great at what you do…you still need clients. Without a steady flow of clients like these, your business is in jeopardy. We teach leading edge prospecting strategies that deliver real time results. ENQUIRE NOW!

SPE – Sales Process Engineering

“Biggest Misconception” - Most businesses think adding salespeople is what grows revenue.  However, the root issue is not on growing the team, but on lead generation that allows salespeople to what they are good at; namely selling.  Salespeople do not cause customer acquisition growth, they fulfil it. One of the biggest productivity killers is lumping together a mix of different responsibilities (such as raw web lead qualification, cold prospecting, closing, and account management) into one general “sales” role. You must specialise your sales teams and build them into a sales machine. Under this new approach, sales becomes the consequence of a number of interrelated processes—rather than the output of a person. Salespeople become a component in a much larger machine. I help companies implement this strategy to ensure they reach sales targets.   ENQUIRE NOW

Sales Coaching

index Sales coaching is a very effective way to achieve success in sales. It infuses absolute focus on the right sales activities, demonstrates precise sales pitches, market trends, why people buy, masterful sales conversations and holds you accountable for your actions. In this high-level approach, I engage with sales people that are driven to be successful and want to become sales Rain Makers! Sales and the way we approach clients has changed drastically over the past few years, and I help individuals understand what has changed and how some of the largest sales organizations from around the globe do things and close more deals. Months to Sales Success ENQUIRE NOW!

Sales Strategy

UnknownMany businesses lack a clear sales engagement Most businesses have value they add to the market place and believe they have a service or product that is valuable. However, this value is not always clear when it comes to how they approach and present these products or services to the end buyers. Buyers generally ask "Why should I do business with you or how your service will help us achieve our goals and solve our problems.  You need to demonstrate to buyers that you understand their needs, and have the perfect solution to their problems or can help them achieve their goals.
  1. Why people should buy from you?
  2. What differentiates your brand from competitors?
  3. How you engage potential clients?
  4. How you package your services?
  5. End to end sales and marketing strategy

Sales Mastery Program

What Used to Work in Sales Isn't Working Today   It's a new sales environment and what worked just a few years ago is no longer enough to grow sales. Whether you're new to sales or been selling for some time now, the Sales Mastery Program will give you the knowledge and strategies you need to grow and close deals.

Well designed and relevant modules

Find Rapport | The Challenger Sale | Insight Selling | The Sales Mind | New Age Prospecting | Digital Platforms | Closing that works | Masterful Sales Conversations | Connect - Convince -  Collaborate | The Frazzled Customer | B2B Selling | Objections & Issues | Habits and Goals | Your Value Proposition | Step by Step Sales Process  



Riaan Pietersen

Riaan Pietersen

Corporate | B2B Sales and Marketing Strategists

NLP Certified | USMC Graduate | PD-AUS | NASP | Coaching Society

Over thirty years, I can demonstrate an extensive background in Corporate, B2B, digital and high-level sales. I also established and led a number of high-performing sales teams to great success in the business and corporate sectors.

 My extensive industry experience includes organisations and executives in the telecommunications industry, Siemens, Capgemini, Accenture, Old Mutual, Sanlam, Bytes Technologies, World Wide Creative and BWI Hong Kong, where I was retained in each case to help improve sales performance.

Bonita Nutall

Bonita Nutall

Public speaking, Presentations and Voice Over Coach

With over 17 years collectively in the Presenting, Broadcasting, Speaking, Voice Over, Bonita knows what it takes to help you make it as a successful Presenter and Speaker.

Stephen Coupe

Stephen Coupe

Head - Implementation (BsC Honours)




Some clients

Riaan is a dynamic and energetic leader who is never short on innovation. He continues to challenge the norm and deliver new and efficient ways to grow in your business. He has a great deal of international experience and truly understands how to adapt, modify and implement plans to succeed. In the end, Riaan brings an element of spirit and excitement to his consulting.

Florian Ploner

Florian Ploner

Sales director | Discreet manufacturing - Capgemini Germany

First of all: Thank you! Your help with the prospecting and cold-calling process has been extremely effective and Alana now engages like a pro. The advice to reposition the approach as an invite (“…. My boss has asked me to invite you”) was a stroke of genius! Last Thursday and Friday alone she managed to provisionally book more than 25 people for the trials.

CEO | Xuviate IT

CEO | Xuviate IT

CEO | Xuviate

Riaan has vast corporate B2B selling experience and understands why people buy.  Riaan challenged my thinking about our prospecting and first engagement methods. His teachings are now been passed onto other senior staff and leaders at our company. Riaan equipped me with the academics, street smarts and wisdom so that I can do what I need to do as well as help my colleagues on their sales journeys.

Mohamed Bray

Mohamed Bray

Saratoga Software - Head of Advisory

Riaan is visionary, industrious and has an enormous sense of commitment. He is driven and tenacious and has a very high level of energy. What makes him stand out from his peers are his abilities to implement solutions and follow through on those possibilities.

Riaan has an uncanny ability to translate his experience into action. I can thoroughly recommend Riaan as someone that can channel knowledge into practical experience, solve daunting challenges and energize those around him.

Mario Pretorius

Mario Pretorius

CEO Tele Masters Holdings Ltd - ALTEX listed Telco - South Africa

Riaan has a high positive intelligence and has the gift to empower others.  He approaches his visions with determination & fun both in a highly professional way. His business acumen and sales experience helps to understand the processes much easier and implementation is then effective and results driven.

Vera Galambos

Vera Galambos

Director | Cooperations & Alliances at Siemens - COM Strategy

Riaan is a very driven and focused individual with the strong will to succeed plus the ability to motivate and lead by example.   I have not met many people with this mixture of  self-confidence and positive humbleness plus the ability to transfer knowledge in this way.

Thore Marenbach

Thore Marenbach

Development Executive | Art Real Estate Management

Riaan has an extensive scope of business expertise across the corporate board allowing for complete peace of mind. He has immense business experience that he has tailored and fine tuned, allowing his expertise to keep him ahead of  trends thus allowing you to benefit from his skills.

Damon Giannoccaro

Damon Giannoccaro

Director | Worlds Innovators. - Hong Kong

I have concluded much larger sales transactions and increased business pipeline converging. Simple strategies but very effective and tools that help me create and achieve higher goals.

Kay Helsdorfer

Kay Helsdorfer

European Sales at Sympatex

Riaan has consulted me over the past 10 years, with phenomenal results!  He is extremely reliable and has a sharp intellect for business. Besides for his high level of business accumen, he has consulted me through some difficult times and has always given excellent advise on many business issues. Riaan is results driven and delivers above expectation. Our sales have drastically improved and we have opened new markets due to his advise. .

Jochen-Michael Thomas

Jochen-Michael Thomas

Sales Director | HK Limited - China

Riaan is one of those individuals that you simply can't forget.His innate ability to question and learn is the type of approach that the world all over enjoys.

His quick mind and intellect power gives the ability to create, assimilate and refine ideas and processes. I enjoyed working with him and am sure our paths will cross again and I certainly hope so.

Alan Guinn

Alan Guinn

CEO | Guinn Organisation - USA

Riaan implemented a prospecting strategy that delivered beyond my initial requirements. Through this prospecting methodology, my business has produced a constant flow of well qualified sales meetings and sales.

Deon Katzen | MBA

Deon Katzen | MBA

Managing Director | Imports and Corporate sales - at Bella

Riaan is a team player with the ability to deliver excellent results. He works hard, he is fun and productive, decisive and a true professional. I would recommend him to any sales organisation that is serious to grow.

Paul Austin

Paul Austin

Ex Director BDO Spencer

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.25.42 PM


Coaching and training the advisors and groups from within the Elite Franchise Division of Old Mutual

Old Mutual Agency Franchise Division

Agency Franchise Division

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RMI Telecoms Joint Venture

Own Industry Telco Negotiated 2013

SAPTA Cape Town Meeting

SAPTA Keynote Speaker

SAPTA Event Cape Town 2015

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Keynote Speaking at Sales Events _ The Frazzled Salesman

Keynote Speaking at Sales Events

In the last six month, I have personally landed a 400K EU transaction as offspring from coaching done by Riaan. I am amazed how efficient and how focused Riaan is on helping businesses achieve higher goals. He is organized, highly knowledgeable in many industries and a great mentor in business. Every time work together, he inspires me with his way of doing business, advising others and I always take some of that home with me and improve my way.

Michael Ruhe

Michael Ruhe

Founder | Digital Everything, Munich and Capetown, Winner of several EU awards


Sir Lowry Road | Woodstock | Cape Town | South Africa 


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